Thursday, August 20, 2009


1-to stop suddenly and refuse to go on, especially when faced with an obstacle
2-to hesitate or be unwilling to do something, usually because of a natural revulsion or moral scruples
3-to refuse to deal with something that presents a difficulty
4-to prevent somebody from carrying out a plan or intention (often passive)
5-to make an illegial motion in baseball, by pretending to pitch but not actually pitching

1-a large squared piece of wood
2-a wooden tie beam in the roof of a house
3-a ridge of land left unplowed to serve as a boundary or to counter erosion
4-an illegal motion by the pitcher when there are runners on base
5-something that hinders or frustrates
6-the area between the balk line and the bottom cushion on a billiard table, or in balk-line billiards between and balk line and the cushion

shy away
draw back

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